Kodaikanal is a one-of-its-kind hill station at an altitude of 2,100 metres. It is situated on an off-shoot of the Western Ghat mountain range in Tamil Nadu and borders Kerala on the west.Kodaikanal – The Princess of hill stations, is the place to be and see in summer. ’’Kodai’’ in Tamil means ’’summer’’ and ’’Kanal’’ means ’’to see’’. This is the only hill station in India that was developed by Americans. Kodai – as it is popularly called, is a cozy little hill town in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is situated at a height of 2200 m with salubrious climate right around the year (8 to 25 deg C), making this one of the most popular Honeymoon destinations.

Madurai and Coimbatore are the closest cities to get to Kodaikanal. Both are connected by air and rail from Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Cars, vans and buses connect the two cities to Kodai. Kodai is a three-hour drive from Madurai or a five-hour drive from Coimbatore.